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About Marktyou

Marktyou Is a platform for self-Marketing.

It is a market Place for Talented Inventors and investors that is,Talented people together with sponsors and investors

The best way to understand this idea is to look at it as an organised social media network designed to hold

an endless exhibition of Talents and Ideas with no limitations whatsoever giving everybody a platform to shine.

Talent Show.

Talent show

Marktyou means market yourself, but in this case the only skill you need is what you can do best (your talent or idea).

You do not need a marketer to help you because you are already in a market place where your product is being Marketed for you,

that is the power of Marktyou.

 We will help you through.  

we will show u the way  

Our objectives.


Our main objective is to create a FREE self-marketing platform where people naturally sell themselves

to people who are looking for them.By creating that link between Talent/ Sponsors and idea /investors.

Other Objective

Also, we want to create talent shows where people and ideas are being given an endless chance to be at their best.

 Also for investors and sponsors to spend less time and money but getting the best of talent or idea that they are looking for.


 we want to discourage the idea that people are not talented enough because we think everyone is.

Just because you dance more than you sing in a singing talent show does not mean you do not have talent.

You do, you are not just in front of the right audience.


Furthermore, we also want to give hope for people who do not have the means to participate in a big talent show

to still be able to sale themselves or people with ideas who do not have the finance to exhibit their ideas to potential investors.


Most of all we want to create a stage where people perform day and night and everybody goes home happy,

that is the audience and the presenters.

Marktyou is working day and night looking for ways to market you.

Please visit our Blog for up-to-date info or better still Join us today and start experiencing it for yourself